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Before the announcement of the Switch OLED rumors were swirling regarding a Switch Pro. A new Nvidia chip, performance boosts for older games, DLSS, 4K upscaling – all of these features were floated about for the brand-new system, and then it just didn’t happen.

But it was very real, and Nintendo pulled the plug at the last minute, according to reputable game analysis outlet Digital Foundry, via NintendoLife.

When questioned about a potential Switch 2, team member John Linneman told viewers not to expect a Switch sequel in 2023.

He later says that a mid-gen Switch update was originally planned, and then canned. This backs up some of the Switch Pro rumors that surfaced before the announcement of the Switch OLED.

He also states that there are internal fears over transitioning from the Nintendo Switch to a new generation, which is understandable, given Nintendo’s history of success with the Wii and unprofitability with the Wii U.

Since the launch of the Switch the Tegra X1 hardware has become fairly outdated, and is somewhat reflected in the variable performance in a number of Nintendo Switch games.

Nvidia’s technology has advanced greatly since, and it’s likely that a new model of the Nintendo Switch with more recent Nvidia architecture would be a huge leap in power over what we currently see on the system.