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Rimworld meets Game of Thrones in Norland, Hooded Horse’s latest signing

Another promising title joins the strategy publisher
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Hooded Horse announced that it has signed on to indie developer Long Jaunt’s Norland as its publisher, adding another promising title to its ever-growing library of represented games. For strategy game fans, the label has become a reliable curator of fantastic indies, publishing the likes of Against the Storm and the upcoming Manor Lords.

Norland is heavily inspired by Rimworld, the colony simulator with a tendency to include some old-fashioned war crimes. However, Long Jaunt’s take on the colony sim genre introduces the additional challenge and opportunity offered by a strategic layer. While Rimworld does have a world map, where players can take different kinds of actions, this is a little underdeveloped in vanilla. Norland involves players in the diplomacy, trade, intrigues, and politics between many neighboring medieval kingdoms, allowing them to carve out their own empires by military force and other means.

Norland artwork showing a king and queen in front of a medieval settlement.

Norland takes Rimworld and implants some Game of Thrones genes into it.

On the micro level, Norland very much looks like Rimworld – the visuals are really close – and generally seems to follow suit in terms of mechanics. However, the scale seems to be different with players commanding larger settlements that contain lots of characters outside of their direct control. Instead, players personally direct only the members of the ruling family, trying to keep them from assassinating each other or foment rebellion.

"Partnering with Hooded Horse will allow us to focus on development by relieving us of various non-development tasks such as marketing, localization, trailer creation, and other responsibilities," commented Dimitry Glaznev, Norland's designer and head of Long Jaunt in a press release. "With this support, we aim to deliver a more polished and content-rich game to players in May."

Norland is planned to arrive in Early Access on Steam in May 2024. At the moment, players can sign up to a closed playtest there as well.