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Overwatch 2 Season 3 has begun and features a number of additional content pieces, such as a new map, changes to ranked mode, and the announcement of an anime crossover. Before One Punch Man takes the spotlight, though, Blizzard celebrates Valentine’s Day by introducing a new time-limited game mode: Loverwatch.

Loverwatch is a dating sim starring Mercy and Genji, two of the franchise’s most popular heroes, as dateable characters and Hanzo as Cupid assisting players on their quest for love. It’s going to be a text-based game running through a web-client, so you won’t find Loverwatch in the actual game itself. Still, this event should fulfill a few romantic dreams for some fans.

In typical dating sim and visual novel fashion, there are different endings players can get through the dialogue decisions they make as they get through their dates. One secret ending unlocks a new Play of the Game intro in Overwatch 2.

Loverwatch starts on February 13, 2023, and runs until February 28, 2023. The mini-game will be available on the official website and is expected to last around 30 minutes for a full playthrough.

Running alongside this web event in the actual first-person shooter is the time-limited Ultimate Valentine event through which you can earn some additional skins.

Adding a dating sim mini-game for Valentine’s Day may be fitting and is definitely on-brand for the franchise and its community, but is nevertheless a very interesting choice from Blizzard after Overwatch 2 repeatedly featured a user-made custom game in which players had to sexually assault some of the title’s female characters.