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The new Overwatch 2 hero is live in the multiplayer game's season four, and pro player KarQ has some Lifeweaver tips to help understand the support’s unique skills. KarQ, streamer and community lead for the Toronto Defiant Overwatch League Team, posted a short video that the official Overwatch Twitter account shared, presenting some lesser-known facts about how Lifeweaver’s skills work for ranked and casual players alike.

One handy tip is how Lifeweaver’s healing blossom works. The bloom travels between Lifeweaver and your chosen ally in an arc. If there’s an obstacle or shield between Lifeweaver and the damaged friend, you can angle the sightline higher, or just jump, and effectively heal them without having to move or use Petal Platform. A small diamond reticule appears on a targeted ally, which is how you can tell whether your bloom will work or not.

Speaking of Petal Platform, KarQ found a handy way to get more than one teammate on board without the blossom lifting. Normally, the platform rises as soon as someone steps on it, but if everyone jumps instead of standing still, you can delay the process and get at least three or four allies on board. Some pro players are using this method to set up complex maneuvers, such as a shielded Deadeye, where the extra height lets Cassidy target more foes, while Reinhardt’s shield protects him.

KarQ also encourages creative thinking when using Life Grab. While you can use the skill defensively to save players – ideally without putting them in even more danger with a poorly timed grab – you can also use it offensively. KarQ gave an example of using it to pull Reaper into a more advantageous position for his ultimate, though the same method would work for pretty much any other hero.

Speaking of ultimates and offensive play, KarQ brought up a point I and a few others discovered by happy accident. Since Lifeweaver’s ultimate counts as an object, you can use it to block lines of sight. I found it works to block D.Va’s ultimate, but KarQ also shows it working against Sigma’s gravity skill and even to block Widowmaker from getting an angle on your team.