Palworld devs found new company to expand franchise

Partnering with Sony Music Entertainment and Aniplex

Palworld developer Pocketpair announced that it partnered with Sony Music Entertainment and Aniplex, a fully-owned division of Sony Music Entertainment, to establish a new company called Palworld Entertainment. According to its official website, the company’s responsibilities lie in “various domestic and international licensing operations for the Pocketpair game Palworld, with the aim of accelerating the multifaceted development of Palworld and further expanding the IP.”

It’s worth emphasizing that Sony Music Entertainment is a different entity from Sony Interactive Entertainment, the company manufacturing PlayStation consoles and publishing video games, so this doesn’t confirm Palworld coming to PS5 – even though a port is very likely at this point.

To make the obvious Pokémon comparison, this is essentially like Game Freak and Creatures Inc. teaming up to found The Pokémon Company to handle the licensing business around the franchise across the globe, only with Pocketpair and Sony swapped in.

Palworld Entertainment’s first item on the agenda is the sale of Palworld merchandise, which will be available for pre-order soon via the Aniplex Store.

What’s coming afterwards is completely up to speculation. An anime series? Collaborations with other games? Everything is on the table at the moment. Perhaps we’ll find out more at Tokyo Game Show 2024 later this year, which Pocketpair will attend as an exhibitor.

Fans of Palworld can currently vote in a poll to decide the future of the game after a recent patch brought fresh life into one of 2024’s most spectacular surprise releases.

Marco Wutz


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