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Payday 3 Nebula Data Error makes a rough start for the multiplayer game

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Starbreeze’s long-awaited Payday sequel is here, but the Payday 3 Nebula Data Error means you probably can’t play the multiplayer game yet. The Nebula Data Error is preventing players from logging in on PC or console or, if they do manage to sign in, they’re stuck waiting to find a matchmaking lobby for an hour or more, only to get kicked out again.

Starbreeze acknowledged Payday 3’s matchmaking issues on the game’s official Twitter account, though as yet, the team hasn’t said anything about the Nebula Data Error problem.

The error seems to stem from the account Payday 3 makes you create when you first sign in to the game. The Payday 3 account links with the platform account you use, and then it seemingly just doesn’t let you sign in for some reason. Since Payday 3 is always online, there's no other way to play the game at present.

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It also pops up at random. Some players who could access the game without serious issues at launch have tried playing again, only to find the error blocking them from connecting to Starbreeze’s servers.

A few players on Reddit fixed the problem by unlinking their accounts via the Payday 3 website, though that resolution doesn’t seem to work for everyone. Meanwhile, the Nebula account FAQs page doesn’t mention anything about troubleshooting errors, though you can submit a help ticket there.

So in short, it’s unclear what the problem is and what Starbreeze may be working on to resolve it, especially since the matchmaking function seems to be sporadically breaking across all platforms while the Nebula Error issue is ongoing.

If you’re desperate for some Payday while Starbreeze fixes the error, you may want to try Payday 2. That’s the one Starbreeze game you can play without a Nebula account, so you’re (presumably) guaranteed a smoother time of it.