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PayDay 3 delays big stability patch to fans’ dismay

Heist game’s recovery after rough launch remains slow
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Players of PayDay 3 were looking forward to a big stability patch for the heist game, which was set to be launched on October 5, 2023, but developer Starbreeze Studios made a disappointing announcement on social media instead: “We're extremely sorry for this, but we've chosen to delay today's planned patch to ensure its stability.”

“The patch needs some changes that would require us to go through console certification again. We hope to be ready to deliver this one for mid-October,” they continued. It’s been confirmed that players wanting to redeem their PS5 bonus content will have to wait to do so until this patch has been released as well, making this announcement a double stinker for players on that console.

A screenshot of Payday 3 showing four masked players firing weapons at guards.

What's that saying about clowns and circuses again?

Like so many big releases this year, PayDay 3 was pushed out the door in a suboptimal state – technical stability, quality of the matchmaking, and the progression system have been criticized heavily. While Starbreeze was able to remedy some issues fairly quickly, for example regarding matchmaking, other problems were supposed to be solved through this upcoming patch.

Fans are obviously unhappy with this new delay and are frustrated about having to deal with a product that clearly could have needed some additional time in the oven.

“With all the respect in the world, you guys need to know you got a few apologies left before EVERYBODY is fed up…,” one user wrote. “This game was the highlight of my year, until it came out,” another user added.

On a different site, one user pointedly summed up the discussion we’ve seen this year way too often: “How about releasing the game when it's ready next time?”

However, other players supported the developers, writing that they understood the need for more careful testing and work on the patch and that they appreciated the developer’s transparency.

Player numbers for PayDay 3 have been slowly and steadily decreasing since launch due to all the issues with the shooter. Embracer Group, which ultimately stands atop the PayDay pyramid, was banking on the heist game being one of its biggest successes this year amid a challenging financial situation for the company.

Earlier this year, Embracer shut down Volition as a consequence of the failure of its Saints Row reboot.