Crystal Dynamics debuts Perfect Dark trailer at Xbox Games Showcase

A slick revamp of the classic spy game
Crystal Dynamics

It’s been a long time since we heard anything about Crystal Dynamics’ Perfect Dark reboot, but the team published a new trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase that highlights what to expect from the FPS game. There’s still no release date, but after four years of silence, it’s nice to see how far progress has come on the project.

FPS is a generalization, though, and so is “reboot” for that matter. Perfect Dark is a new story in the Perfect Dark world with parts of the first two game and plenty of fresh ideas. Team Perfect Dark also says they tried incorporating several distinct design ideas in the project to keep it feeling fresh, so it’s got FPS, stealth, melee fighting, cyberpunk, and spy gadget action all wrapped up together with a sprinkling of immersive sim design as well.

Joanna lives in a distant future where “hypercorporations” helped rebuild civilization after a string of natural disasters, and they control pretty much every aspect of life. Joanna is sent on a mission to apprehend Daniel Carrington, a bad actor who’s certainly not working for the common good like his corporate bosses say they are. 

She’ll use a range of fancy gadgets to hack terminals, scan NPCs, and manipulate and misdirect her foes, but Team Project Dark said one important part of the game is using Joanna’s gadgets to understand the world around you. You’ll then use that knowledge to find a unique solution to whatever problem you’re facing. Perfect Dark might have a linear narrative, but how you get from one point to the next is entirely up to you.

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Josh Broadwell