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A Nintendo Direct finally happened, and we got a chance to glimpse the world’s first full trailer for the brand new Nintendo Switch exclusive, Pikmin 4.

This is the first fully original Pikmin game in 10 years, released exactly 8 days after the 10th anniversary of Pikmin 3’s release, and introduces the brand new Ice Pikmin, while reintroducing a variety of classic enemies.

Ice Pikmin have the unique ability of being able to freeze bodies of water so you can walk across them with Pikmin that don’t tend to fare so well on water.

There’s also a brand new dog-like creature, Oatchi. Whether or not Oatchi is actually a Pikmin is up for debate, but you can ride him through the world, and in battle, allowing you to be faster and more strategic.

Just like Pikmin 3, this new game introduces new protagonists. Captain Olimar and Louie are yet to be seen in the game.

The trailer finishes with a mysterious glimpse at a bulborb foe with red eyes. Very spooky!

We should be able to see more of what Pikmin 4 has in store before the July 21 release date.