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After a successful collaboration putting Pokémon on planes in the past, The Pokémon Company and All Nippon Airways (ANA) have teamed up once more to create a new livery for one of its planes featuring Eevee.

The new Eevee jet will see a Boeing 777-300ER adorned on both sides with Eevee and its evolutions, against a white background. It also featured Pikachu at the front of one side, because The Pokémon Company can’t have you forgetting him, especially after Ash and his Pikachu departed from the anime earlier this year.

The jet is part of the Pokémon Air Adventures program, which has seen a number of airlines collaborate with The Pokémon Company for Pokémon-themed liveries. The companies included in the program include Skymark Airlines, China Airlines, Scoot, T’way Air, ANA, which previously had a Pikachu-themed jet featuring the electric mouse mascot alongside a number of other Flying-type Pokémon, like Rayquaza, Charizard, and Emolga.

The inside of the Eevee-themed plane (as well as all the other Pokémon planes) is similarly adorned with adorable Pokémon, including on the headrest covers, on napkins, on drink covers, and even on the cabin crew’s outfits. There’s also special Pokémon-themed background music and sound effects that will play during the flight and announcements, all of which sounds like a delightful experience.

Those who fly on the Eevee-themed Boeing will also receive some souvenirs, including a boarding certificate, a commemorative sticker, and a kifuda, which is a wooden tag with a design etched into it. The Eevee designs have yet to be revealed, but the Pikachu ones featured on other flights have all been adorable.

The Eevee jet will be in service for at least five years starting from August 31, 2023, and will primarily fly from Haneda, Japan to a number of international destinations. ANA says that flights to and from London, New York, and San Francisco will be serviced by the jet, but other routes may be added in the future.