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Pokémon Go Eggs-pedition Access puts formerly free feature behind paywall

Santa’s got to pay for that gift storage
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Another new Pokémon Go season has begun with Timeless Travels, which has brought a bunch of exciting balance changes for the Go Battle League with it. Naturally, the update has some new microtransaction schemes in tow as well. One of these, the Eggs-pedition Access, is a $5 USD pass lasting the entirety of December 2023 and granting some bonuses for this duration.

Owners of this ticket can obtain one single-use Incubator per day for their first PokéStop or Gym spin, get triple XP for their first spin and catch of the day, open up to 50 gifts and send up to 150 gifts per day, and store up to 40 gifts in their item bag. That last point, you may remember, was a free bonus during the last season. It’s probably no coincidence that the developers gave players a taste of the expanded storage for free last season only to put it behind a paywall now, tempting them to spend some money to get back such a comfortable feature. That certainly leaves a bitter taste behind.

Pokémon Go Eggs-pedition artwork.

Eggs-pedition Access is a paid feature of the Timeless Travels Season.

There is one positive thing about this pass, though. From the perspective of hatching Eggs, this offer is actually quite a solid deal in some regions of the world – local pricing and currencies are the deciding factor here.

In the US, the Eggs-pedition Access provides a slightly lower cost-per-hatch ratio than any other means of hatching Eggs, such as buying Incubators separately through the in-app shop. We are talking about savings of about two or three cents per hatch here, which isn’t much for some – a user spending a lot of time with Pokémon Go may find this very enticing, though.

Is the Pokémon Go Eggs-pedition Access worth the money? If you’re playing daily and want to try your hand at the Egg hatching lottery, then it’s actually going to save you some expenses in comparison to the alternatives, yes. Plus, it comes with those other bonuses.

Mind that a purchase also sends Niantic the message that it’s totally fine to put formerly free features behind the paywall. This may well be just a field-test to see how many people are willing to pay for a subscription-esque service containing a bunch of former season bonuses.