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Pokémon Go Halloween Rocket Takeover brings powerful Shadow Pokémon into play

The Halloween Rocket event brings juicy options to the game
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A Rocket Takeover adds to the allure of Pokémon Go Halloween 2023 later this week and will bring a series of brand-new Shadow Pokémon to the mobile game. Starting on October 26, 2023, Team Go Rocket Grunts as well as bosses Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, and Giovanni will field new Pokémon teams in battles against trainers.

Giovanni will have Shadow Regigigas as his new ace and Shadow Lugia is coming to Shadow Raids as a boss, but that’s not what fans are excited about. It’s the list of additional monsters that will receive Shadow forms for the first time that players are really happy with.

Pokémon Go Halloween 2023 Rocket Takeover poster.

Giovanni brought some new friends.

The following Shadow Pokémon will be released during the Halloween 2023 Rocket Takeover:

  • Shadow Gastly
  • Shadow Rhyhorn
  • Shadow Barboach
  • Shadow Cranidos
  • Shadow Shieldon
  • Shadow Drilbur
  • Shadow Litwick

This is an amazing list of Pokémon from both a PvE and PvP perspective. Pokémon like Gengar, Rampardos, and Chandelure are already powerful attackers of their respective types, but gaining the damage buff from being Shadow forms really catapults them forward by a lot.

Shadow Rampardos can out-DPS powerhouses like Shadow Tyranitar in situations where you’re in need of pure Rock-type damage and can even hold its own when it’s being compared to Mega Evolutions. Similar statements can be made for Shadow Gengar, Shadow Chandelure, and Shadow Excadrill in the Ghost-, Fire-, and Ground-type niches. Their notoriously quick attack speed in combination with the Shadow buffs is a lethal mixture.

However, all four of these Pokémon share a weakness, which is also boosted by being Shadow Pokémon: They can’t take a lot of damage. Even their regular forms are pure glass cannons and the lessened damage resistance from being Shadow forms doesn’t help in this regard.

Things are looking a bit more balanced for Shadow Rhyperior, which benefits from the offensive boost while maintaining a respectable defense. This could be a good workhorse for your Rock- and Ground-type teams and should probably be your highest priority to collect – glass cannons look most impressive on paper, but can feel pretty terrible to use. Something more consistent like Shadow Rhyperior feels like the best of both worlds.

You can check out a thorough review of the upcoming Shadow Pokémon on Gamepress if you want to dive into the detailed numbers.

Something interesting to note for the future of raids is that due to Party Power, a new mechanic introduced by the Party Play feature, Pokémon with quick attacks have an advantage over ones with slower moves. Party Power doesn’t fill itself based on energy like Charged Attacks, but on the number of attacks made by party members. The faster your Pokémon attack, the faster you can activate the double damage boost.