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Pokémon Go leaks reveal next Paldea Pokémon coming to the game

Similar leaks correctly predicted the ongoing season’s content
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Another Pokémon Go leak has occurred on a Discord server, detailing the supposed content of the upcoming season running in September, October, and November 2023. The same source correctly leaked this ongoing season’s events, so while it should still be regarded with a grain of salt, it has a reliable track record so far.

Here are the events included in the upcoming season of Pokémon Go starting in September 2023, according to the leaker:

  • September 2023 Community Day with Grubbin
  • Festival of Lights 2023 with Tadbulb
  • Psychic Spectacular with Shiny Solosis
  • Research Day with Oddish
  • October 2023 Community Day with Timburr
  • Harvest Festival 2023 with Smoliv
  • Hatch Day with Azurill
  • October or November 2023 Community Day Classic with Mareep
  • November 2023 Community Day with Wooper and Paldean Wooper
The Pokémon Clodsire, a brown amphibian creature.

Are you ready for the Clodsire supremacy to expand into Pokémon Go?

Three monthly Community Days and one Classic edition of the event are very much in line with previous seasons, as are the odd Research and Hatch Days. Festival of Lights and Psychic Spectacular are annual staples as well, so no huge surprises there.

From what we can see, at least three additional Paldean monsters from Pokémon Scarlet & Violet will be introduced in the coming months – and it’s likely that their evolutions will be coming with them, giving us quite a bigger total.

What’s strange is that both the annual Fashion Week as well as the Halloween event are missing from the list – and at least Halloween should without question be a returner. Perhaps the leaker didn’t include them, because they thought their presence to be a given or the details for these weren’t quite hammered out and finalized when they got their hands on this information.

In any case, the Community Days especially will likely open some exciting PvP possibilities in terms of moves, as will the additions from Paldea, so there’s lots to look forward to.