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Pokémon Go Routes finally work in Party Play

This year’s major feature updates work together now
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The introductions of player-created Routes and group-based Party Play have been this year’s two major feature updates for Pokémon Go, but they shockingly weren’t compatible with each other – until now. Fans reported that they can now start following Routes in Pokémon Go while being active in a party.

Exploring a Route through your local area with a group of friends was by far one of the most logical applications on Party Play, so it was quite surprising that Niantic, which publicly stated many times that it wants players to go out and play with their friends, didn’t make sure that you could use both features at the same time before it released Party Play. Better late than never, huh?

Pokémon Go Routes poster showing trainers following a set path with their Pokémon.

Routes finally work in conjunction with Party Play.

Completing Routes allows players to encounter Pokémon and obtain other rewards, such as the Zygarde Cells necessary for transforming the Pokémon of the same name to its final form. Party Play enables players to form a group with up to three other users for one hour at a time, during which the game will throw challenges at them, the completion of which gains them rewards.

Raiding with other party members has a fantastic advantage as well, as players gain a powerful damage boosting ability for fighting in a group.

Both features launched with issues, some of which still haven’t been resolved, but seem to have been met with positive regard by the community – the fact that they are finally compatible with each other should only help that regard grow. A logical next step for Niantic would likely be to add new Party Play challenges revolving around completing Routes, giving users even more reason to combine the features as they play.

Speaking of issues and combining features: Routes and Showcases, another element added to Pokémon Go this year, remain incompatible with each other – yet another construction site for Niantic to deal with.