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World’s first complete Zygarde in Pokémon Go achieved

A player from Japan has managed the feat
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Completing a Zygarde in Pokémon Go is a lot of work and hinges on a feature that doesn’t even properly work half the time, making it all the more impressive that a player from Japan has now been able to manage this feat. Sensray, who is known as a Pokémon Go completionist, posted visual confirmation of the achievement on social media.

The short video shows them transforming their Zygarde to the Pokémon’s Complete Forme – a world first, by all accounts.

Zygarde’s regular form, in which it appears as a dog-like creature, is known as its 10% Forme. You need to invest 50 Zygarde Cells to transform it into its 50% Forme, which makes it look like some sort of cobra. The Complete Forme, changing the creature into a vaguely humanoid monster, is the most difficult to achieve as it requires 200 Zygarde Cells.

These Zygarde Cells can only be found by following Routes in Pokémon Go, a feature that was recently introduced. However, Niantic has bungled the implementation of this functionality a bit, leading to many places not having a single Route yet due to a terrible approval process. Luckily for this player, their area seems to contain enough Routes to intensely engage with the feature.

Pokémon Go Zygarde Complete Forme on Dragon-type background.

Zygarde's Complete Forme is a powerful PvP monster.

This achievement also confirms that once you’ve transformed your Zygarde into Complete Forme, you can revert its form back to the 50% Forme by investing ten Zygarde Candy and 2,000 Stardust.

However, another user, who seems to have achieved the Complete Forme a little later and posted about it on Reddit, confirmed that you’ll once again have to collect the necessary Zygarde Cells if you want to upgrade the reverted form again. At this point, it’s unclear if that’s an oversight on Niantic’s part or an intended choice in design.

Zygarde (Complete Forme) is a Dragon- and Ground-type Pokémon that is incredibly powerful in PvP. Both Ultra League and Master League fear the ascendancy of this creature and anyone who can quickly repeat this Japanese player’s feat will have a massive advantage over other trainers in Go Battle League.