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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet – The Indigo Disk emphasizes double battles

According to the latest round of previews
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The Indigo Disc DLC for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet will be released on December 14, 2023, for Nintendo Switch. Both the upcoming content pack and its predecessor, The Teal Mask, are part of the The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero DLC.

A new round of previews for the Pokémon DLC has been published today, offering some insight into what the additional content has to offer. Pokémon fansite Serebii depicts a region filled with battle-hungry trainers, which will confront players with some challenging teams. What’s more, it seems like the focus of the entire new region is on double battles, not the usual single variety. Naturally, these kinds of competitions are more complex than the regular duels, since double the amount of Pokémon greatly expands possible combinations of attacks and items.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk

The Indigo Disk completes The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero.

Another interesting addition from The Indigo Disc seems to be a proper flying mechanic. While players could take to the skies of Paldea in the base game, that’s more of a gliding mechanic. In the preview, though, players had to fly through a series of rings in the air, having full control over their ride.

The Indigo Disc will feature Polar, Savanna, Coastal, and Canyon biomes, which are all part of an area called the Terrarium – in essence a huge artificial dome in which all sorts of Pokémon from all over the world can live, similar to a Safari Zone.

In terms of performance, nothing much seems to have changed in comparison to the base title. Serebii’s preview notes: “It was definitely not worse than Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has been up to this point, and may have felt even smoother than before, but it was not without its flaws or slowdowns. [...] Basically, it's still Pokémon Scarlet & Violet so don't go in expecting a massive overhaul.” That seems pretty much as expected after The Teal Mask.

You should note that players will need to finish both the base game’s main story and The Teal Mask to be able to access content from The Indigo Disc, so you better get moving ahead of December 14, 2023.