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The U.S. Customs department apparently demolished an original, sealed copy of Pokemon Yellow likely worth over $10,000 for reasons best known to themselves. Stephen Kick, CEO of retro game reboot publisher Nightdive, said on Twitter that a friend of his ordered the WATA-certified copy of Pokemon Yellow likely valued at over $10,000 – but what he received was a sliced box and busted case.

The seal on the classic Nintendo game was ripped and thrown away, Kick said, the acrylic case was busted, and the cardboard box was cut in half. Why it received such harsh treatment is a mystery, unless the customs officials thought the very carefully sealed package housed a small amount of contraband material.

WATA Games is an authentication and grading organization that assigns value based on the condition of a game’s packaging and, equally important, its seal, which makes this treatment an even bigger blow to Kick’s friend. 

The copy of Pokemon Yellow in question received an “A+” and 9.2 rating, denoting excellent condition with potentially a few small scuffs, but nothing distracting. GamesRadar saw that another A+ copy of Pokemon Yellow with a 9.4 rating is selling for $10,500.

Kick didn’t say whether his friend paid that much for this copy or if the customs branch responsible issued a response. The item is, naturally, not easy to replace, but hopefully Kick’s friend gets some kind of compensation for their loss.