New Batman Arkham game takes the superhero series to VR

From the makers of Iron Man VR comes Batman Arkham Shadow
Warner Bros.

Camouflaj, the team behind Iron Man VR, is making a new Batman Arkham game for Meta Quest 3, almost a decade after the superhero game trilogy ended. It’s called Batman: Arkham Shadow, and Camouflaj plans to launch it sometime later in 2024.

The news may come as little surprise to those who follow VR regularly. The FTC’s report of its investigation into Meta’s proposed acquisition of Within in 2022 showed that Camouflaj was developing a Batman VR “app” and an Iron Man game.

That’s about all we know of Batman: Arkham Shadow so far. It’s very much a tease of a reveal, but the existence of a new Arkham game is still a pretty big deal. Rocksteady, the original studio behind the Arkham games, is working on Kill the Justice League for the foreseeable future, and single-player superhero games from studios that aren’t Insomniac are a rarity in the current landscape.

Batman: Arkham Shadow is a Meta Quest 3 exclusive, so don’t plan on seeing it show up for Quest 2. If the announcement trailer is anything to go by, it’s not hard to see why. Camouflaj’s vision of Gotham City looks rich and detailed, with vast, sweeping skylines and densely crowded alleyways full of rats and villains for Batman to beat up on.

Whether the final product looks quite as lovely as the trailer remains to be seen of course, but we won’t have to wait long to see more. Meta and Camouflaj plan to show more of the new Batman Arkham game during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest on June 7, 2024.

Josh Broadwell


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