Epic has big May 4 plans for Fortnite and Star Wars

Rebel villages, Wookie weapons, and more
Epic Games/LucasFilm

Epic is bringing Fortnite and Star Wars back together in a big way for the sci-fi franchise’s annual May 4 celebrations, with new islands in Lego Fortnite and more quests for the multiplayer game. The celebrations kick off once the next Fortnite update goes live on May 3, 2024, with a bit of Star Wars for Lego Fortnite, regular Fortnite, Fortnite Festival, and even Rocket Racing, and some of the special additions will stick around permanently.

First up is the annual Fortnite Star Wars event. Stormtrooper roadblocks are back, complete with Stormtroopers, of course, and some Star Wars-themed loot. A new camp location will appear on the map, and your job is to head there and free Chewbacca the Wookie. Chewie offers his bowcaster and combat expertise in return, though you’ll also have a chance to find bowcasters from Imperial chests around the field.

The Darth Vader boss fight is back, with new quests leading up to it, and you’ll find other Star Wars weapons, including blasters, as drops on the island. All this lasts until May 14, 2024.

Epic’s Lego Fortnite Star Wars event is a bit more detailed. The building game’s May 3, 2024, update adds a new Rebel Adventure battle pass with Star Wars quests and build rewards, including a Mos Eisley set complete with cantina, and a new island where a conflict between Rebel and Imperial forces rages. You can lend a hand in battle with lightsabers and help the Rebels build a permanent village with new Star Wars building recipes.

The Lego Fortnite Star Wars island will stick around after the other celebrations end.

Speaking of the Mos Eisley Cantina, Fortnite Festival is getting its own version of the iconic location as a new stage. Completing Fortnite Festival’s Star Wars quests unlocks the stage, along with other rewards, such as the Seven String Hallikset Guitar.

Finally is Rocket Racing, which has its own Star Wars quests and a battle pass. Rocket Racing’s Star Wars celebrations are staggered. The first round of updates adds an Energy Binder Trail and the second adds a Darth Maul decal and an Anakin podracing decal.

Josh Broadwell