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Welcome to PUBG: Battlegroundsupdate 21.2, which has added an additional way for you to die in the battle royale game – not only can you perish in a fiery explosion, a hail of bullets, a wave of toxic gas, your own incompetence, and countless other circumstances, now you can also freeze to death. At least it’s a more peaceful way to go, huh?

This brand-new way of leaving behind your meaningless mortal shell is brought to you by the Blizzard Zone, a new natural phenomenon seen on Vikendi. Well, “see” is relative. While you will be able to very easily identify this dangerous area by the giant column of whirling snow and ice that’s widely visible, once you’re inside the zone, vision becomes a bit of a luxury.

A soldier looks at a giant snow storm.

As you can imagine, entering this area is not very pleasant.

Entering the Blizzard Zone will slow you down, damage you constantly, hinder your vision as well as your hearing – the wind’s howling in there, to quote a famous philosopher –, and make vehicle control a great deal harder. Covering a large part of Vikendi, this dangerous area changes things a lot when you play this map, especially as you’re being rewarded for braving the storm. Inside the Blizzard Zone, a secret room full of high-tier loot is waiting. You just need to find the security key to open it.

There are a few additional things changing gameplay on Vikendi in this latest update, such as three new repair kits – one for helmets, one for armor, and one for vehicles. After all, you don’t want the blizzard to shred your equipment and leave you standing in the snow naked. Taego’s multidrops have also been added to Vikendi, bringing much needed supplies and loot.

Vikendi is not the only map gaining substantial updates, though. Sanhok now features ascenders at the Cave POI as well as other rocky areas, easing the ascent. The developers were also busy building some bridges to connect the northwest island and east island as well as northwest island and southwest island. A few cliff areas have been expanded with sand beaches to make traversing the areas easier.

Update 21.2 for PUBG: Battlegrounds is now out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, you can find the full patch notes on the official website.