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The PUBG April Fool’s mode is live, and this year, Krafton is adding overpowered items and giant chicken monsters to the battle royale. The Bizarre Battle Royale mode is live now on PC and console and runs through April 10, 2023, with a hunter’s chest and key and a new emblem up for grabs.

Just bear in mind that your stunts and wins in the bizarre mode won’t count toward the FPS game’s battle pass experience, and it won’t show up in your match or career history either.

During Bizarre Battle Royale matches, you earn OP Coins by defeating giant chicken monsters, overpowered zombies, and other players, and can spend these to get OP items. 

These range from health boosts that push your HP over the max limit to damage boosters and even a serum that lets you see where other players are on the map. They aren’t called OP for nothin’.

The zombies you run across aren’t just your standard shambling undead this time. You’ll face eight different varieties, including a sprinter, a tank, two with explosives, and even one that spews flames from its mouth. Defeating them earns you extra OP Coins, though, so it’s worth the bother.

Rewards earned from the event will be given out in batches between now and April 21, 2023.