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Update 23.2 for PUBG: Battlegrounds is out for the PC version of the game on May 17, 2023, and will be available on consoles on May 25, 2023. The patch introduces two new systems to PUBG, which are supposed to make playing in a team a lot better.

The Recall system is designed to enable players to revive dead comrades and call them back into the game. Upon death, every player now drops a Blue Chip, a special item unique to every participant in a match. You can collect the Blue Chip of a fallen ally and then register the item at Blue Chip Towers or Transmitters, which are randomly placed on the map. Doing so revives the ally during the next stage of the match.

Naturally, you can deny an enemy’s resurrection by safely tucking away their Blue Chip in your inventory.

Dev note: With our latest update, we're introducing a unique feature that not only adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the standard battle royale mode, but also encourages a variety of strategic plays for an enriched experience on the battlegrounds.

The new Recall system presents several key differences from the existing Comeback BR mechanic: it demands cooperation and effort from surviving team members rather than just the fallen player, is available until the mid-late game phases, and enables plays that contest enemy players attempting to use the Recall system.

While the system offers numerous advantages, it also comes with several challenges: Recovering Blue Chips from fallen teammates, finding designated Blue Chip Towers scattered across the map, using Blue Chip Transmitters without being detected by nearby foes, and being more exposed to enemy attention during your descent from the Recall airplane. We believe the benefits of Recall are significant in a battle royale setting, so we've designed the system to reward players who can overcome these challenges.

Our intention is to allow even less experienced players to occasionally utilize this system, depending on their luck. The new Recall system is particularly helpful for novices who may struggle with combat in Comeback BR, as it emphasizes the importance of surviving team members' roles in facilitating successful recalls.

But why limit it to Erangel, Miramar, and Deston? Smaller maps have shorter play times, making it faster to start a new game upon death. And we've decided to add the Recall system exclusively to maps without the existing Comeback BR. There is no cap to the number of Recalls; as long as you can retrieve Blue Chips and successfully register them, your teammates can be recalled to the match multiple times.

However, given various factors such as the quantity and location of Blue Chip Towers and Transmitters and their specific usage conditions, we anticipate that players will not be able to excessively recall their allies with ease. By the way, it's good to know that the owner's username is always displayed alongside the Blue Chip. I still hold onto a screenshot of the Blue Chip I acquired from my boss.

PUBG Recall feature.

The Clan system allows up to 100 players to band together and collectively level up their group. Playing with members of your Clan grants you additional BP and XP, so it’s a good idea to fight alongside your comrades.

Dev note: Prior to this update, active players in external Clans had no particular means of displaying their achievements within the game. To address this, the newly implemented Clan system aims to offer a common objective for Clan members to work towards upgrading their Clans. We hope the new Clan feature fosters a sense of belonging, ultimately heightening player satisfaction and instilling pride in their in-game progress.

At launch, the Clan system is designed with the essential specifications in mind. However, we are committed to continually refining and expanding its features based on your valuable feedback.

Other changes in the patch include the addition of an icon that shows you the location at which you last exited a vehicle, just in case you forgot where you parked your car. There are also various weapon balance adjustments and technical updates, which you can find in more detail on the official blog post.