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PUBG roadmap 2024: Unreal Engine 5, destructible terrain and user-generated content

KRAFTON is planning big changes for the battle royale
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Changes are afoot for PUBG, the successful battle royale shooter from KRAFTON. In its 2024 roadmap for the game, the publisher revealed that PUBG will transition to Unreal Engine 5 this year to make it future-proof for the coming years – and enable the creation of user-generated content. Learning from Fortnite means learning to win, eh?

It sounds like the UE5 transition and the first preparations for UGC integration are going to be items for later in the year. In the meantime, players can look forward to shiny new gameplay improvements such as the addition of destructible terrain to the game. KRAFTON said that it wants to implement the first environmental destruction features with the April 2024 update for PUBG, after which they’ll be improved and expanded with future patches. For the time being, players can expect to flatten selected buildings to alter the terrain in their favor, but no one can know what the future will hold.

PUBG Battlegrounds artwork.

Expect some major changes for PUBG in 2024 with an engine switch.

KRAFTON announced a new procedure when it comes to balance changes this year. Before any weapon rebalancing is implemented, players will have the opportunity to test the proposed adjustments in the Arcade’s Gunplay Labs mode. In this way, the developers want to find the sweet spot between refreshing the meta and providing a stable experience for players ahead of time. Gunplay updates are supposed to roll out every two months in 2024.

In a shift away from the direct combat focus, more items and interactions with the survival aspect of the game will be added in 2024’s updates. Changes are coming to ranked mode, which will feature exclusive rewards to make it more appealing, and matchmaking in general, improving the experience for everyone.

Promising a continued anti-cheating campaign and efforts to reel in big collaboration partners, the developer thanked players for their “unwavering love and support” over the past years.

PUBG was one of the originators of the battle royale genre and is still going strong after seven years. With efforts to rejuvenate the game on the technical level this year, it’s safe to say that KRAFTON is planning on having the game stick around for a while yet.