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It’s time for your weekly Street Fighter 6 crossover and PUBG: Battlegrounds is the lucky winner this time around. Coming during PUBG Survivor Summerfest, which runs until September 13, 2023, this collaboration between the iconic fighting game series and the battle royale game will bring several legendary Street Fighter characters into the shooter in the form of skins.

From July 26 to September 19, 2023, you’ll be able to purchase the looks of Chun-Li (she’ll be available in two versions including her classic style), Ryu, Luke, and Cammy.

Street Fighter 6 skins in PUBG.

Chun-Li, Ryu, Cammy, and Luke are coming to PUBG.

Besides this collaboration, PUBG Survivor Summerfest will feature lots of in-game events allowing players to not only win game-related prizes, but also real-life goodies such as a high-end PC with a RTX4090 GPU and a CPU of the Intel i9 series. To enter the giveaway for both the digital and real-life rewards, you’ll need to earn Summer Stamps by completing missions during the event.

Here’s the official event trailer for PUBG Summerfest 2023:

The PUBG Arcade, which has been overhauled in the newest update, brings a fresh game mode to the table as well – Bluebomb Rush. Playing this and other modes via the PUBG Arcade allows players to obtain Arcade Points, which can be exchanged for exclusive in-game items.

Lots of Special Drop events are planned for Summerfest, such as Summer Splash Bingo, the Midsummer Check-in Event, and Battle Street. In these events you’ll have a chance to grab even more items such as a Street Fighter 6 helmet and emote. Suffice to say, PUBG’s battle royales aren’t only going to be more heated than ever because of the summer temperatures.