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Facepunch Studios said they’re canceling the upcoming Rust community event during GDC 2023 after receiving threats of violence and murder. The team said on Twitter that they must take the threat seriously and cancel the multiplayer game's event to protect fans and staff alike.

“It's important to remember the developers are indeed humans,” Facepunch said in a follow-up tweet. “When threats arise we make their safety #1.”

Alistair McFarlane, the survival game's producer, told PC Gamer this isn’t the first time Facepunch received credible threats of violence, either.

"The overwhelming majority of fans are respectful and supportive," McFarlane said "[but] there is always going to be a small subset of individuals who engage in threatening and abusive behavior."

He said they’re “commonplace” and usually come from fans who are displeased with changes the team makes to the game. McFarlane also said hackers, cheaters, and PC cheat sellers are typically responsible for the threats and “go to great lengths” to target individual staff members. The threats have, at times, become so prevalent and alarming that team members have had to alter their personal details after being doxxed.

While the IRL meetup is no more, the team offered to still review portfolios and work samples via email for anyone who’s interested.