Yacht Club announces Shovel Knight ‘definitive edition’ with 20 playable characters

Just in time for Shovel Knight's 10th birthday
Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight / Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight launched a decade ago, and developer Yacht Club Games is marking the milestone with a bang. During the 20-minute Yacht Club Games Presents showcase, the studio made a number of announcements about its upcoming releases.

Shovel Knight Dig will receive Wicked Wishes DLC and will be launched on Xbox and PlayStation “real soon.” Pocket Dungeon is getting the Paradox Pack DLC with new characters, stages, and music by Jake Kaufman. Online multiplayer and cross-platform play is also in the works. Fans were hype for more gameplay footage from Yacht Club’s upcoming IP Mina the Hollower, but the final announcement was the biggest.

Shovel Knight originally launched with the Shovel of Hope campaign, where the titular character travels across the land, defeats the eight members of The Order of No Quarter and rescues Shield Knight. Following this successful release three more campaigns were launched where you can play as three different members of the Order: Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight. Since then fans have asked what about the others? Will we ever get to dig like Mole Knight, swashbuckle like Propeller Knight, or ride a mech like Tinker Knight? It turns out the answer is yes, but also that so much more is to come.

Shovel Knight screenshot
Shovel Knight / Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight DX will be the definitive edition of the Shovel of Hope campaign and features 20 playable characters. Not all of the characters have been announced yet, but all eight members of the order will be present, as well as other notable characters like Mona, the Enchantress, and Black Knight. If you can think of a Shovel Knight character, it’s likely that you can play as them in Shovel Knight DX, though the graceful Troupple King seems to have been unfortunately excluded. 

Each character will play how they did in the original campaign. If you remember a flashy move from a character’s original fight, it’s likely that you’ll be able to pull it off yourself in Shovel Knight DX. There’s no release date or platform announcement for this yet, but Yacht Club has said that, in true Shovel Knight style, the team aims to release it on every platform possible. 

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