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EA and Maxis released a free Sims 4 update that adds more nuance and complexities to Sims babies, and, as Polygon first noted, it’s also turning them into literal monsters. The update introduced some glitches that affect infant Sim models seemingly at random. The most common issue sees a Sim baby suddenly grow about a foot taller if they move a certain way, and the result is more than a little disconcerting.

A different issue is turning up when players try to bathe their infants. As the parent moves toward the tub, the entire baby model glitches and stretches, like some kind of flesh monster bursting out of its infant carapace.

Sims 4 updates launching with glitches both benign and terrifying is almost guaranteed at this point. The last expansion, High School Years, introduced a bug that caused family members to fall in love and pursue physical relationships with each other and one that made Sims age and die rapidly. The social bunny app the expansion introduced also had a few issues, including an issue that let your Sims quickly raise friendship levels just by sending a few positive messages to their acquaintances.

This time, however, it seems the issue stems from a mod. The general consensus is that the update broke something with the Stand Still in CAS mod for PC, which, as you’d expect from the name, keeps your Sims standing still, and for some as-yet-unknown reason, it’s stretching children out. Whether that’s also causing the bath demon issue isn’t quite as clear, though it does resemble some earlier glitches that turned Sims dogs and older babies into stretchy monsters.

Either way, if your Sims baby starts looking like something out of a horror movie, make sure to check your mods.