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Squadron 42 gameplay shown off as title is confirmed to be feature-complete

Don’t get your hopes up, though, as there’s no release date
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It’s been a while since anybody has seen anything from Squadron 42, which was originally Star Citizen’s single-player campaign and is now a standalone game, but Cloud Imperium Games’ Chris Roberts has now announced that the space flight and first-person shooter hybrid is “feature-complete” in a new gameplay video.

Showing off gameplay slices that lie somewhere between Ace Combat and Halo, it’s clear that the direction of Squadron 42 has changed a bit over the past decade – yeah, it’s seriously been that long. It looks less like Call of Duty in space now and it’s certainly visually stunning. However, fans shouldn’t get their hopes for a quick release up just yet: Roberts cautioned the audience in the same video, saying that the polishing phase would take “some time.” How long “some time” is, well, that’s anyone’s guess. If the previous development speed is anything to go by, we’re still in for a bit of waiting.

You can watch the full Squadron 42 gameplay walkthrough below:

After work on Squadron 42 has been completed, Cloud Imperium Games wants to focus on the Star Citizen MMO and get it to the same level of quality and depth as the single-player title. Users who backed Star Citizen via crowdfunding over the years already have access to Star Citizen’s available content, which is probably best described as “janky but fun” at this point, especially when played in a group.

Cloud Imperium Games has obtained over $500 million USD in funding from fans for the two games over the years, which led to lots of criticism about the lack of visible development progress. Squadron 42 was initially envisioned as a single-player component of Star Citizen, but the projects were later split up to become standalone entities – another departure from the original promises made to backers of the crowdfunding campaign.

Squadron 42 features quite the impressive cast with well-known actors like Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Liam Cunningham, Mark Strong, John Rhys-Davies, Ben Mendelohn, and Andy Serkis playing roles in the game.