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An observant fan thinks they know how Starfield’s opening unfolds, and their theory makes quite a bit of sense. Despite a handful of teases about Bethesda and Xbox’s highly-anticipated open-world space game, we still don’t know much about it – why the protagonist joins Constellation, what the mysterious artifacts are, and even what the central conflict is. Reddit user Exo_soldier may have pieced together how the journey begins, though (thanks, PC Gamer).

Exo_soldier scoured the Starfield gameplay trailer from Xbox’s 2022 showcase and realized that, if you mix up the sequence of shots shown, you get a glimpse of, if nothing else, where the Starfield protagonist comes from.

They noted that the character creation screen has a label in the upper left corner that says “Argos Extractors record locator,” which makes the character creation process seem like you’re making an employee file for an extractor. Rewind to an earlier scene at the start of the trailer, where the player is using a laser on the side of a cave wall, and you’ve probably got the extraction in action.

Exo_soldier speculates that what happens next is the protagonist finds an artifact, Constellation arrives to escort it and them to New Atlantis, and then a rogue Crimson Fleet ship attacks. That might explain the battle sequences against low-level pirates around a research center, and Exo_soldier believes that the next phase – and possibly the second step-out moment – is when the player leaves with Constellation and arrives on New Atlantis.

It all fits together very well and seemingly sets the stage for the wider story, where, after arriving in Constellation territory, the hero meets Starfield’s factions and decides what to do from there.

Barring more delays, Starfield will release for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S sometime later in 2023.