Check out the first Starfield Shattered Space DLC trailer

There’s actually a story this time

Bethesda showed off the first Starfield Shattered Space DLC trailer during the summer 2024 Xbox Games Showcase, and it looks so much more focused than the base space game. There’s still no Shattered Space release date, but the trailer gives a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Starfield Shattered Space sees you infiltrating one of the passive factions from the base game: House Va’Ruun, a civilization built around the idea of a warlike snake god returning and one day offering salvation to those who believed. There’s a lot more going on in Shattered Space than just more space fights and quiet trips around empty planets, though. 

The systems and vessels under Va’Ruun control are downright creepy, and even more so when you consider the snake god’s devotees are able to influence your brain and alter what you see. It’s all very psychedelic and mind bend-y, and since one of my biggest complaints about the Bethesda RPG was the same-ness of each faction, it’s pretty promising.

Shattered Space’s visual design also seems like a big step up, with massive ships crammed with horrific experiments, a giant snake-like creature wrapped around the center of one, eerie planets with ominous light effects – and that’s just a handful of what Bethesda has in store.

The studio also announced a free update for Starfield’s base game available before the end of June 9, 2024, and it includes new locations, quests, equipment, and even custom content.

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Josh Broadwell