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Starfield lets you flip toilet paper rolls to make everything right in the universe

What kind of deranged lunatic puts the roll in backwards?
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Bethesda’s newest offering to the RPG crowd is out – at least for those paying top dollar to get in on the action five days before the official release date of September 6, 2023 – and it’s essentially what people expected and wanted from it: Starfield is through and through a Bethesda game, a Skyrim or Fallout in space. Attention to even the most minor details is one of the hallmarks of the studio and the sci-fi adventure doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Case in point: toilet paper.

First, actually representing toilets in a sci-fi setting is kind of a big ask – have you ever seen one in Star Trek? How long did it take for one to be shown in Star Wars? It’s a bit of an afterthought in most cases, but yes: People need to do their business even in the far future. Starfield goes one step further, though, in letting you correct one of the biggest mistakes in the universe. I know this is shocking, but there are some deranged lunatics in Starfield (and, I shudder to think, in our world as well), who put rolls of toilet paper into their bracket backwards, i.e. with the paper facing the wall. Who does that? Do you want to accidentally touch the icky toilet stall wall? Yikes.

Thankfully, you can actually be a really nice person in Starfield and just flip the toilet paper roll around, making it face forward again. That’s going to give you some good karma. Of course, if you want to be the greatest villain the galaxy has ever seen (or want to annoy your greatest enemies), you can infiltrate their toilets and flip them backwards. Those are drastic measures, though, and you should be prepared to get a death sentence in at least a dozen systems, if you ever get caught.

Still not convinced the game deserves a high score? Check out our Starfield review for a much more detailed look on the game, which is now out on PC and Xbox Series X|S for anyone with an Early Access package. Standard Edition owners get to lift off on September 6, 2023.

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