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All the outrage and confusion about the Starfield Standard Edition for Xbox Series X not having a physical game disc included have been for naught: Bethesda clarified on the official website of the game that the console version will indeed come with a disc.

What’s unclear at this point is if that disc will have the entire game on it – with a total size of around 125GB and storage space of 100GB on a disc that seems rather unlikely. Plus, a Day 1 Patch always has to be expected these days, so you likely won’t be able to play without downloading something first in any case.

It’s the PC Standard Edition that’ll come with a code included instead of a disc, but that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone – when’s the last time you’ve seen a gaming PC with a drive to read discs?

The debate around digital releases replacing physical launches more and more has flared up in the last couple of months due to several prominent examples, Starfield being among them.

Alan Wake 2 will also not get a physical release, the developers have announced. They argued that a digital-only launch gives them more time to polish the game, because a physical release would put additional pressure on the team to deliver a playable version sooner (since discs and boxes require some additional production time).

THQ Nordic just announced that it would only release a limited run of physical editions of its PC games in the future.

Starfield is set to be released on September 6, 2023, on PC and Xbox Series X|S. It’ll come to Xbox Game Pass on the same day.