Steamworld Heist 2 gameplay trailer shows off new job system

Some fresh twists on a strategy game classic

Thundeful published a new Steamworld Heist 2 gameplay trailer with a deep-dive into the strategy game’s job system – a classic genre mechanic, but new for Steamworld. It's the first new bit of Steamworld Heist 2 info since Thunderful announced it during the April 2024 Nintendo Indie World showcase.

Steamworld Heist 2 launches with six jobs, all with unique playstyles and abilities you can take with you to other classes.

Steamworld Heist 2’s job system functions similarly to FFXIV’s, where your equipped weapon determines what job a character currently holds. Thunderful didn’t say whether each job starts with its own weapon or if you have to buy them and, potentially, have a weapon shortage if you run out of money.. Either way, it sounds like the process of assigning and managing jobs is pretty breezy.

The jobs themselves include the usual selection of roles, such as tank, support, and scout, with a few special Steamworld twists. Tanks, called Brawlers in Steamworld Heist 2, restore their own health after defeating enemies, while Snipers can take advantage of Heist’s ricochet to sweep the battlefield. 

Flankers live up to their name and cover long distances quickly, making them perfect for surprise attacks, and Engineers are the team’s support unit, with buffs for friends and debuffs for foes. Boomers seem particularly interesting. They use massive guns that damage multiple enemies grouped together, but they can also equip and use utility items.

Finally is the Reaper, Steamworld Heist 2’s glass cannon class. Reapers are fast and strong, and they even get a second attack when they defeat an enemy. However, they’re frail and easily scrapped if you aren’t careful.

Job abilities are where it sounds like the real strategy is. These mostly seem to center on stat boosts, but you can mix them with other classes for some unique builds – a Reaper with a Brawler’s toughness, for example, or a Boomer with the Flanker’s movement bonuses.

Steamworld Heist 2 launches for PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on Aug. 8, 2024

Josh Broadwell