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Terraria, a 2D sandbox adventure game, was launched in 2011 and sold over 44 million copies by 2022 after having been ported to pretty much every platform you can play video games on – even your toaster can run it. For developer Re-Logic that’s both fantastic and a little unfortunate, because even though the studio would love to work on a sequel, it basically felt forced to support the original game with updates for the last dozen years.

Originally, they wanted to call it quits in 2015 after patch 1.3, PC Gamer reported, but then fresh ideas sprang into the team’s heads and pulled them right back in. The aptly titled Journey’s End update in 2020 was the next attempt, but again failed to fully satisfy the studio. In 2021, Terraria won Steam’s Labor of Love Award for the best long-term support of a game, and that prompted Re-Logic into action to create another substantial patch, which it called Labor of Love… and was supposed to be the final goodbye.

You can already guess what’s happening here: They’re at it again. Terraria’s upcoming patch has initially been created to facilitate a crossover between it and Dead Cells, but once again grew in scope due to all the ideas the team came up with – and so instead of a small update, Re-Logic is looking at quite a big patch once more.

The head of Re-Logic recently quit Twitter, but in his last few posts explained that the studio had a hard time leaving Terraria behind, because “after twelve years the game still sells like hot cakes. There is so much demand it makes it hard to move on.”

Re-Logic has been trapped by its own success for over a decade, but is determined to make the jump at some point – not away from Terraria entirely, mind you. The studio wants to finally make that sequel that’s been on their minds in one way or another ever since 2013.

We’ll believe it when we’re playing it. If you haven’t grabbed Terraria yet for some reason, it’s currently 50% off in the Steam Summer Sale 2023.