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The Day Before is still delisted on Steam one month from launch

The Day Before is just a month away from its announced launch date, yet the Steam store page is still nowhere to be found

The Day Before’s development has been a long and confusing tale. The game is a post-apocalyptic survival MMO that is theoretically set for release on November 10, 2023, yet the game’s Steam page still hasn’t been reinstated since being delisted earlier this year.

There have been strange happenings around this game since the beginning of 2023 and it has begun to dawn on people that The Day Before may not be real. At the start of the year, the game’s Steam store page was delisted and the game was delayed from its original release date of March 1, 2023. The developers initially claimed this was due to a trademark dispute, but later contradicted themselves saying the delay was planned before the trademark issue.

Artwork of a scarred man.

A few weeks later a promised gameplay video was released that was met with widespread negativity, as gamers described it as “the best jogging simulator I’ve ever seen, can’t wait for the next delay”, and commented that the “90-second inventory screen had me enthralled”. The team has already addressed the suspicion, denying that the game is a scam, but the community at large isn’t convinced yet.

The fact that the Steam store page is still missing doesn’t help matters either. In June the team told Well Played that the store page would be back “soon” but now we’re one month out from launch and still have nothing. Even those excited about the game are beginning to turn their back on it, a recent Steam community post asking about the game was met with replies like “You still think there’s a game?” and a very flat, “Game not release”.

It’s impossible to know what happens with this odd game next. Perhaps it reappears out of nowhere, maybe we’re just a couple of days away from it being delayed again, or maybe we’ll all wake up from a collective fever dream and realize it never existed to begin with.