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Update (Feb. 15, 2023): The great The Witcher 3 vagina mystery seems to have been solved. CD Projekt has confirmed towards Kotaku that they had indeed incorporated a mod called Vaginas for Everyone into their update, because it was already included in the HD Monsters Reworked mod. That mod's creator never disclosed this fact towards the studio, leading to the unintended inclusion of realistic monster vulvae.

It also seems like the HD Monsters Reworked author never got a permission to use Vaginas for Everyone in the first place, according to the genital maestro himself. The mod's Nexus Mods page indeed fails to give credit to Vaginas for Everyone's creator, which is usually done among modders. That's just good manners, but also helps clear up compatibility questions. In this case, etiquette was clearly broken, which led to this hilarious situation.

Original (Feb. 14, 2023): This is not a headline I thought I would ever write, but here we are. After players discovered that The Witcher 3’s updated version for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S included detailed genitals on female monsters, developer CD Projekt was just as confused as the community and started to investigate the case.

The Polish studio has since confirmed one of the theories thrown around right after the discovery – namely, that one of the community mods used in the update contained the realistic anatomy.

In a statement made to Kotaku, CD Projekt calls the addition of these monster vaginas “an unintended result” of merging together many community mods and enhancements developed in-house.

It also confirmed that it intends to remove the textures from the game, which include visible labia and pubic hair on female creatures like crones.

The mod CD Projekt implemented is very likely called Vaginas for Everyone and its creator has claimed that the developer used their work without asking for permission.

Though the studio has not responded to this claim yet, it stated before the release of The Witcher 3’s big update that it asked every mod creator whose work they integrated into the new game version for permission and reimbursed them:

“Additionally, we are including several popular mods in the update (they’ll be available depending on the platform). We obtained permissions from their creators, reimbursed them, and they’ll be featured in the credits of the updated game. The mods were reworked and assets optimised as needed, and the game adjusted to run with them. There was even a case when a dev got so engrossed in tinkering when including a mod that he ended up simply remaking that particular aspect of the game. So, in a way, the game comes with some mods already included.”

It’s possible that CD Projekt integrated the mod unknowingly by implementing a mod collection that had already included Vaginas for Everyone, which would explain the studio’s version of the story. Such packages are often products of several modders collaborating with each other or at least giving each other permission to reuse their works. If that turns out to be not the case, though, the vagina affair could drag on for a bit longer.