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After the entire debate around Starfield and Alan Wake 2 getting physical releases with game discs or not, Austrian publisher THQ Nordic has come out to clarify its stance on this topic and give it some structure. “For every release on PC that includes a physical release as well, THQ Nordic will perform a very limited print run with serially numbered prints of not only its Standard Editions, but also eligible Collector’s Editions,” the company announced.

So, what does that mean for future releases of PC games from the company, which belongs to Swedish gaming giant Embracer Group? All of the available units “will be premium packaged” and “serially numbered and sealed” like collection items.

It seems like we’re talking about very limited numbers of physical copies being distributed in select places here. The first ten to fifty items, depending on the overall size of the particular run, will be earmarked for THQ Nordic’s store in Vienna.

A second batch will be available online through THQ Nordic’s digital stores as well as “selected retail partners” and “the very last number of the limited print run will always be sent to the Embracer Games Archive.”

The publisher presented the upcoming Jagged Alliance 3 as a case study for how this is going to look like. 2,500 copies of the game’s standard edition are going to be produced. #1 to #20 will be available in the Vienna store, the rest of the 1,500 German language copies can be bought online through the THQ Nordic store or German retailers. The international version will be printed 999 times with similar distribution sources. #2,500 is going to be sent to Embracer’s archive.

Every special edition of the game is even more limited: 750 copies for the Collector’s Edition and 200 for the Tactical Vienna Store Edition.

THQ Nordic plans on compiling the data for all upcoming releases following this scheme online and gave a list of games for which this will be the case:

  • Gothic 1 Remake
  • Alone in the Dark
  • Trine 5
  • Tempest Rising
  • Last Train Home
  • Wreckreation
  • Space for Sale
  • Outcast 2

For PC games digital distribution has long become the standard thanks to platforms like Steam and the popularity of indie games, so these changes at THQ Nordic more than anything else simply reflect the reality and codify this development.