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Bethesda director Todd Howard can guarantee Starfield runs well on Xbox Series S because that’s where he’s played most of the space RPG. His kids won’t let him play on the family’s Xbox Series X and 4K TV, so Howard had to play the entirety of the game on his Series S, upstairs.

Howard told the story at a roundtable discussion that GLHF attended after the Xbox Games Showcase and used it to illustrate how flexible Xbox’s current generation of hardware is – and how important that flexibility can be.

“We've been through so many hardware generations and usually people look at a new piece of hardware and think that just gives you graphics,” Howard said. “And obviously it gives you better graphics each generation. But this time, it gives us flexibility to do a game like Starfield where it's not just about graphics. It's about simulating planets and spaceships where anything can happen."

Howard said the flexibility gives studios the chance to take creative risks and try something new on a technical level, but it also gives players more flexibility. If you want to play Starfield or Fable or any of Xbox’s other upcoming games on your Series X or PC, it’s possible. And if your own high-end console always gets commandeered by kids and other family members, well, at least you can play them on the Series S as well.