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Bretonnia has long been a faction Total War: Warhammer 3 players have been worried about: The gallant knights and their peasant rabble in service to the Lady are currently not having a great time in the game’s Immortal Empires mode, getting whacked by pretty much everyone around them. Since the recently released Total War: Warhammer 3 roadmap, which revealed three upcoming expansions, didn’t make a mention of Bretonnia, fans feared that Creative Assembly had forgotten the plight of the chivalrous realm.

These fears, however, seem to be unfounded. Posting on Discord, one of Creative Assembly’s community managers, Yuey, revealed that update 3.1, which is scheduled to arrive at the end of May 2023, would indeed bring some relief for the besieged Bretonnians.

“We’ve got some changes planned for 3.1 to increase the interplay between Knights and peasants, which should hopefully refresh their gameplay in battle. Along with that, we’re enabling Damsels to use the Troths feature in the campaign,” the post stated.

Troths are the equivalent of Vows, a feature that allows Bretonnian characters to fulfill quests and gain bonuses. Damsels, one of the faction’s character types, do not have access to these for the moment, giving them a bit of a disadvantage.

Boosting the interplay between knight and peasant units is a great idea and it’s surprising this hasn’t been done before, as this is a big mechanic for Bretonnia in the original Warhammer Fantasy miniature tabletop game the Total War: Warhammer series is inspired by. The Chaos Dwarfs have a similar ability, so it seems possible that Bretonnia will benefit from a version of this in the future.

While this doesn’t address one of the biggest issues for Bretonnia – the removal of their Tier 3 settlement walls during the siege battle rework a while ago –, this should help the beleaguered faction out at least a little bit and make playing them a bit more fresh. The developers have previously stated that they’ll eventually want to rework every old faction in the game, but until then Bretonnia players will have to make due with little adjustments such as these.