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Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter has been riddled with controversies, leading to people migrating away from the app. An app called Mastodon has been one of the most popular choices during the process, but Twitter is now marking links to the site as unsafe. 

Many people in the video game community - developers, journalists, streamers, and more - have been looking for a Twitter alternative since Musk bought the app, due to fears surrounding brand safety and censorship of the media.

Musk went on a banning spree over the last 24 hours, suspending accounts that mentioned a Twitter bot called MuskJet, which tracked the movements of the billionaire's private jet using publicly available information. 

Prominent journalists from major news sites have been banned for speaking about the situation, and now a rival social media site has been slammed by the ban hammer. 

Mastodon has been one of the main destinations for the gaming community to migrate to, thanks to its similarities to Twitter and its dedicated video game servers. Now, any links to Mastodon in people's Twitter bios flash up with a warning when people attempt to click them, marking the site as "malware". 

If you try to post a link to Mastodon, Twitter automatically prevents you from doing so. 

Musk's stated mission for Twitter was to reintroduce banned accounts and allow a wide range of voices to speak up, regardless of personal politics or opinion. Seemingly, this doesn't extend to people Musk personally disagrees with, or the competition.