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Ubisoft stealthily announced Tom Clancy's The Division 3

Who needs social media when press releases exist? - Ubisoft, probably

Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy’s The Division 3 is officially in development, with Star Wars Outlaws creative director Julian Gerighty in the lead. The announcement for the sequel to one of the best shooter games in the past several years came in a rather unorthodox way, unorthodox for the 2020s at least.

Rather than unveiling the project on social media or quietly dropping a new trailer or even a cinematic, Ubisoft sent a limited batch of press releases to select outlets. GLHF did not obtain one, but Gematsu did.

“We may have over 40 million players, but The Division is still in its early years as a franchise,” Gerighty said in the statement.

A man wearing a knitted cap and high-collared coat is standing under a traffic light with a rifle in his hand while smoke and ash swirl around him.

 “There are so many incredible stories to tell, places to explore, and people to protect. I think that we delivered that with Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s cutting-edge visuals, incredible gameplay, and promise to the player that they can’t get this experience anywhere else, and then again with Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. It’s about refinement, it’s about pushing the quality bar consistently forward.”

And that’s about all there was to say. Gerighty didn’t mention anything concrete about The Division 3, what to expect from it, or when it might launch, but he did say that the team will continue supporting The Division 2. Heartland, the free-to-play game spinoff, and Resurgence, the mobile game version, are also still ongoing, though Ubisoft had nothing else to say about them.

It's a busy season for Ubisoft. In addition to four The Division projects, Ubisoft recently launched The Crew Motorfest, is about to release Assassin's Creed Mirage, and has their big Star Wars game, Star Wars Outlaws, slated for sometime in 2024.