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Indie hit Valheim, in which players have to survive the rough Viking afterlife to fulfill one last quest on behalf of Odin, has made its newest update – titled “Hildir’s Request” – playable on the public test branch.

Titular character Hildir is a new NPC coming to Valheim. She’s the sister of Haldor, the merchant whose services are an integral part of any playthrough of the game, and has her own trade: She peddles the most fashionable clothes available in the afterlife and makes sure that your style is a match for your ferocity in battle. In addition to selling the freshest drip, she offers the necessary materials for players to build their very own barbershop, where they can change their outfits and hairstyles at will – another welcome addition to any town.

Naturally, Hildir won’t just provide these services for nothing – in fact, she’s in a bit of a pickle. A good part of her wares has been lost and it’ll be up to the players to hunt the goods down in a merry chase through all of Valheim’s biomes.

You can spice this new adventure up even further thanks to the new difficulty settings included in the update. “Hildir’s Request” features an easy, normal, and hard mode. Players can choose any of the modes at any point in the game. The higher the difficulty, the more HP enemies will have and the more damage their attacks will deal. Easy mode on the other hand will be the perfect way of playing for those seeking to build the perfect town.

Valheim is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It’s included in Xbox Game Pass as well. Developer Iron Gate and publisher Coffee Stain are planning to release a big content update this year, for which “Hildir’s Request” is merely a first taste.