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Vampire Survivors is adding another welcome feature in a free update coming out on August 17, 2023, for the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and mobile versions in the form of couch co-op for up to four players. If you weren’t happy with the amount of effects, bullets, and enemies shown on your screen while playing solo, then be prepared for even more stuff to be happening as you survive endless horses of foes with your friends.

The Nintendo Switch release of the game is dated for the same day and will come with the local co-op feature already being included, as was announced at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct.

Developer Poncle explained that it will be possible to seamlessly switch from solo to co-op play between stages and unlock achievements as normal. The feature will work on Steam Deck, too, provided players sit together close enough or connect to a TV. Mobile devices will require several bluetooth controllers, but can run the co-op mode as well. Good luck actually seeing what’s going on, though.

Aside from “more chaos” the gameplay basically remains unchanged in co-op, the developer promised: there are no specific achievements or stages so as to give no one the feeling of having to play co-op to 100% the game.

Everything is still happening on one screen, so this is no split screen scenario, and players share the XP bar, leveling up together. It’s not all just harmonious monster ass-kicking, though, as “there will also be a few ways to sabotage each other.” Naturally. The developers reported that “multiple friendships” have been tested throughout the creation phase of co-op mode inside the team, so we can definitely expect some hilarity to ensue.

While the co-op mode does not run online natively, solutions like Steam Remote Play Together should work, Poncle has stated in the announcement of the feature.

More DLC for Vampire Survivors is in the works as well, so you won’t run out of enemies to battle or stages to survive on any time soon.