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It’s about to get really topical in Victoria 3, Paradox Interactive’s massive society simulator: Voice of the People, the game’s first Immersion Pack, has been announced to launch on May 22, 2023.

Contrasting lots of other grand strategy titles from Paradox, Vicky 3 isn’t primarily about war and painting the world map in your color – it looks inwards, enabling players to form a society in any way they wish (or be put on the Guillotine in the attempt).

Voice of the People enhances this gameplay by adding the Agitator system, simulating a political factor that has been present in human history ever since politics were a thing and rears its ugly head in many of the world’s societies to this day. The Immersion Pack adds 60 historical figures to the game who can act as agitators, pushing the player’s agenda as leaders of interest groups against the will of the current government. Always in the name of the people, of course.

Characters like John Brown, Emmeline Pankhurst, and Enver Pasha will be available in this role. Naturally, things don’t always end peacefully when demagogues get their way, which is why the content pack adds new revolution animations for specific interest groups as well. New clothing and uniforms for many societies are included as well.

France, where political agitations have led to some rather noteworthy events throughout history, is the special star of this package, getting fresh events, journal missions, and decisions to play with – plus many historic buildings on the map.

Those who pre-order Voice of the People benefit from the addition of three famous Frenchmen to their game: Georges Clemenceau, a French Prime Minister, Alexis de Tocqueville, an important writer and philosopher, and Jules Brunet, the French military advisor to Shogunate Japan.

The price for Voice of the People is set to be $14.99 / £12.99 / €14.99 on Steam and the Paradox Store.

A large update to Victoria 3 will accompany the DLC’s release for free. Agitators will be able to appear in everyone’s runs, France will get a set of new ideologies, revolutions will get a rework, and changes to the world map are on the program as well.