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Warzone 2 players have noticed an issue with how the endzone circles work. 

It doesn't matter how the game plays out, the match seemingly always ends in the same spot, right in the middle of the map between Hydroelectric and Observatory. 

Some players have even taken to landing at Observatory and laying traps where they think the endzone will be.

Others are waiting while wearing a ghillie suit, making themselves a hot drink before the match reaches its climax. 

There are a couple of possible reasons why it's happening this way.

It could be a course correction after players rightfully complained about the original Warzone's end circles landing in unplayable zones.

Or it could be something to do with how the new game uses multiple circles and blends them toward the end of the map.

Either way, it's a shame the developers aren't taking advantage of all that play space.

Warzone 2's map is large and varied, full of locations where you can have memorable encounters. It'd be nice if that extended to the game's final moments. 

Hopefully, it's just a teething issue and will be fixed in a future patch, since it's not the only problem the game has right now. In fact, Warzone 2 is being review bombed on Steam, thanks to various launch issues. 

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