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This Wild Hearts PC performance fix is weird, but works

What does the sound have to do with anything?
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Wild Hearts, a new game inspired by Monster Hunter, is finally available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, sending you on the hunt for truly massive creatures. One other thing about the game is massive as well, however: its performance problems. Wild Hearts doesn’t seem to run very well on any platform, but PC has been bearing the brunt of the issues.

Developer Omega Force has already announced that it would push out an update this week to address the problems, especially when it comes to the game’s CPU usage. Until then, a very unusual fix might help you stabilize Wild Hearts’ performance.

A user named Ryan Johnson described on the Steam forums how their friend reported gains in performance after plugging in headphones. While the same thing didn’t work for Ryan Johnson, they then changed the default stereo sound setting in the audio section to 7.1/5.1 – and that did the trick. Amazingly enough, many other users report the same result in the forum thread, seeing steady fps gains after making the change and getting a much smoother gameplay experience.

Wild Hearts creature

This is basically what your CPU looks like as it tries to run Wild Hearts.

The developers have confirmed that this trick works, though nobody seems to have a clear idea about why it does. The developers stated: “This workaround doesn’t work in all cases and players already running recommended spec at over 60fps are unlikely to see an improvement but while we investigate and work on the patch, please try it yourself and see if it improves performance for you.”

If you’re under 60fps in Wild Hearts and suffer from massive stuttering, this is well worth a try to make the game playable. Once you get it to run, it’s a great hunting experience as you can read in our Wild Hearts review.