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Xbox held its annual Not-E3 showcase yesterday, and showed off dozens of games and a whole hour of new Starfield details. We know the upcoming Bethesda game will have customizable ships, slick spaceship combat, over 1000 planets to explore, and come in a fancy collector’s edition that comes with a digital watch. But it wasn’t just about the games — a new Xbox console was announced too.

Enter the Carbon Black Xbox Series S, a console with all the processing power and footprint of a regular Series S, but with the storage space and color scheme of a Series X. That definitely won’t make things more confusing in a console line already prone to confusion in its naming.

The Carbon Black Xbox Series S will be available from September 1, at a recommended price of $349, $50 more than the 500GB model. Seagate Expansion Cards, up until recently the only way to add more usable storage to an Xbox Series S, cost at least $90 for a 512GB card, so the price saving is pretty good if you don’t already have an Xbox.

The Series S has struggled with storage space since the console launched, and the problem has only gotten worse over time. While it nominally has a 500GB drive in it, only 360GB is usable by the player. With recent games taking up more and more space – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is 155GB, the upcoming Mortal Kombat 1 is 100GB, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a whopping 175GB – 360GB just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

After yesterday’s presentation, you’ll probably want a bit more storage space too. In the coming months and years, Xbox fans will be treated to a new Fable game with Richard Ayoade, a new Microsoft Flight Simulator game, Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2, Obsidian’s Avowed, Forza Motorsport, and much more.

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