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Xenonauts 2 is set for a July 18, 2023, early access release on PC, publisher Hooded Horse has announced. Developed by Goldhawk Interactive, Xenonauts 2 is the successor to the original title from 2014, which might best be described as XCOM with the visuals of something like Project Zomboid.

Xenonauts was lauded for its depth in combat, base-building, and strategic management. Being very much modeled on the original XCOM, it provided a modernized and upgraded take on what made the original XCOM so special. Where Firaxis somewhat streamlined the formula in its later entries into the series, Goldhawk Interactive kept things pretty old-school.

Xenonauts 2 aims to keep that spirit alive in more ways than one: In terms of visuals, a big jump in comparison to the predecessor is missing, but gameplay-wise the upcoming title promises to offer even more depth with the tactical combat and the strategic layer having brand-new options and features.

You can watch a new trailer for Xenonauts 2 below:

While Xenonauts 2 doesn’t look all that modern, a new engine powers the refined mechanics of the game, which Hooded Horse calls “less a direct sequel and more a re-imagining of the original vision [...] built for long-time fans and new strategy gamers alike.”

Alongside turn-based engagements, the game features real-time battles between your aerial squadrons and the alien ships. Keeping your fighter wings operational and outfitting them with new technologies will be key to defending your bases and the survival of humankind.

Xenonauts 2 will be available on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG on July 18, 2023.