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Twitch streamer xQc recently found out the hard way that Call of Duty truly is the people’s game – everyone is getting roasted equally in the first-person shooter’s voice chat.

Félix Lengyel, better known as xQc, is of course no stranger to some good-old multiplayer banter – he’s dishing out a lot of it himself, after all. During a stream on February 1, 2023, the talkative gamer found himself on the receiving end of a surprising roast, though, leaving him completely stunned for once.

Talking on voice chat after ending a victorious match, xQc was praising his own performance in his usual style – he’s a quick talker, which makes him a bit difficult to understand sometimes. A fellow player in the game lobby apparently felt the same way, responding with a series of garbled and incomprehensible sounds in a very similar tone to xQc, who was left speechless. A rare occasion, indeed.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all done this to friends or siblings once in a while, and it’s pretty childish. Still, the comedic effect was undeniably there, thanks to the sudden timing, perfect tone of voice, and xQc’s stunned reaction – it really takes a good one to make the Canadian fall quiet for a moment (thanks for the clip, Dexerto).

While his mouth, and the lack of thinking before opening it, often gets him embroiled into Twitch drama, in terms of gameplay xQc might be one of the most accomplished full-time streamers, even holding a Minecraft speed run record.

It is not a great surprise that he excels in all kinds of games, though, as xQc is a former professional in Overwatch, winning MVP accolades in 2017’s Overwatch World Cup. Both his personality and his skills have earned him a place among the most watched Twitch streamers.