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Citing an internal email it has obtained, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google is planning to test a new product called Playables on YouTube. It’s supposed to enable users to play games on mobile devices and PC through the video platform.

This does sound pretty similar to Google Stadia, the corporation’s dead cloud gaming service, though it’s not clear if Playables uses the same tech that powered Stadia. In any case, with the focus seemingly being on mobile games, this project might be more comparable to what Netflix Games is doing, which is offering subscribers to its streaming service access to a library of titles they can download and play on their mobile devices.

Both the scope and business model of Playables are still uncertain at this point – we don’t know if this would be a standalone service offered by the platform or rolled into an existing subscription theme. Naturally, we’ll have to wait and see how Google’s tests of the technology are going first. After all, Playables may not even make it out of this stage and never actually see the light of day.

Google announced in September 2022 that it would shut down Stadia after the service didn’t prove to be as popular as the company had hoped after its initial launch in 2019 – showing the company’s notorious willingness to put entire departments and technologies into the bin if they don’t deliver results quickly.

For now, check out every game available on Netflix for your mobile game subscription needs.